Food is the basis of our health. We are what we eat. Chinese medicine makes individual recommendations based on an specific evaluation and provides us a series of specific foods that benefit us and others that harm us.

Foods are classified by Yin or Yang characteristics so that more Yin people need more Yang nature foods, and vice versa. Chinese medicine also makes a differentiation based on the smell, color and taste of food and establishes relationships of benefit or harm for each person based on their personal characteristics. In this way, depending on your constitution and nature, what can be good for you can be harmful to your neighbor. For example, there are people who for their health need to increase the consumption of raw foods such as salads and fruits and others, however, they have to increase the intake of protein, broths and pots.

Food influences not only physically but also emotionally. Yin foods favor Yin emotions (stillness) and Yang foods trigger emotional states plus Yang (dynamism). Then the change in diet affects not only your physical health but also your emotional well-being.

Herbal supplements

There is a whole culture of plants, fungi, minerals and animal products studied and analyzed according to Chinese medicine.

Each supplement has its action of toning Yin or Yang, dispersion of energy and/or filtration of liquids. Each of them acts on a particular organ and meridian, as well as on the top, bottom or center of the person. These subjects are grouped together to form what is called “master formulas.” These formulations are considered food supplements and are taken in powder diluted in water or in tablets. The duration, quantity and frequency of the shots depend on the person and the problem to be addressed.

If you want a consultation, I need you to tell me if you prefer cold or heat, how you sleep, how your digestions are, the quality of your defecation, etc. And I will look carefully at your pulse and tongue to offer you specific recommendations based on your personal characteristics.

After the first consultation, I will check you every two, three and even six months depending on how you are.

  • First consultation: 90 euros 
  • Folowing Consultations: 60 euros every 2 – 3 months
  • Duration of the consultation: 1 hour
  • Frequently, many people associate this consultation with isolated monthly acupuncture consultations with a price of 39 euros.