Acupuncture consists of the insertion of small needles of the thickness of a hair in certain points of the body in order to redistribute the Qì, that is, the energy, through the body.

When these points are damaged, they are usually painful to pressure. In this way the relationship between these points and certain characteristics of the person was found in the past. At present, thanks to research in this field, it has been shown that many of these points respond to the principle of bioimpedance, that is, they are areas where there is a lower resistance to electrical conductivity.

It is not known exactly how acupuncture works, but we do know that it is capable of redistributing blood and causing the synthesis of certain hormones and neurotransmitters. Acupuncture works similarly to when a mosquito bites us: blood comes to that point to protect us from aggression. The same happens with this type of therapy: the blood goes to the area where the needle is inserted. For example, in people suffering from hypertension, their “energy” is located in the upper part of the body. In these cases, the points to be treated are usually located in the legs and hands, that is, in the distal areas. In this way, blood is redirected to the farthest parts to decrease the pressure exerted on the head and chest. The same goes for the increasingly frequent headaches, being in the furthest parts where it is punctuated for resolution.

Luckily, we not only have acupuncture needles to address certain physical problems. Sometimes, it is enough to perform acupressure or massage at the indicated points to achieve a beneficial effect.


It is a resource to restore the person’s balance by applying heat at certain points of the body.

It is applied by means of specific cigars, made with ground grass of the artemis plant that has the ability to store and provide a lot of heat. Follow the same physical principles as acupuncture.


Chinese medicine establishes more than 200 energy-active ear points.

In order to balance people, pushpins or seeds are placed in the ear that should be massaged four to five times a day, stimulating them with gentle movements. Auriculotherapy has the property of increasing the intensity and duration of the acupuncture effect.

I need you to tell me what your problem is to apply one or another therapy. I will take your pulse and look at your tongue to select specific points to work.

  • First consultation: 60 euros
  • Following consultations: 39 euros every 1 – 4 weeks
  • Duration of the consultation: 50 minutes.